Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

I have been thinking about this since the other day when I ran into one of my old friends and after catching up he started to try to convince me to get herbalife products from him. He was doing this on the side and he seems to have just started on it, so he was not able to tell me whether or not it was worth the effort just yet. He was not really trying to tell me how it worked obviously, he was just trying to make a sell. I really wonder if you can make money from affiliate marketing? I think that is the correct term for the sort of arrangement that these places have with their sales representatives. Continue reading

Healthy Sleep – why restful sleep is so important?

Sleep is a basic need and essential for the recovery and performance during the day. Healthy sleep is important for maintaining the health of the body. Here, the restful sleep different stages of sleep follows (light, deep and REM sleep).

External circumstances:

Sleeping environment (climate, bed / mattress, noise, light)
Lifestyle (stress, medications, stimulants)
Internal diseases (health, psychological and neurological disease pictures).

There is not one disease for sleep, here following groups are generally distinguished:

Initiating and maintaining sleep (insomnia)
Disorders of the sleep-wake cycle (through jet lag, shift work, etc.)
Excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia)
Sudden sleep attacks (narcolepsy)
Sleep disorders such as sleepwalking bound, teeth grinding or nightmares

Why cannot I sleep?

There are temporary problems, which could lead to sleep disorders – relationship conflicts, crises, grief or loss of a job. The main causes of insomnia are:

nocturnal breathing disorders (sleep apnea syndrome: a pause in breathing, life-threatening)
abnormal muscle twitching in the legs (restless legs or “restless legs” syndrome)
Overdose of drugs or alcohol
Problems in the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., chronic reflux, indigestion)

Healthy sleep – Tips

A regular sequence or rituals can keep the internal biological clock in “real mode”.
regular daily rhythm (every day at the same time to get up)
regular meals
only sleep when you are really tired, nap always at the same time (ideally early afternoon)
provide for relaxation (e.g., walks, quiet music, no exhaustive / sports activity in the evenings)

What should be avoided?

Caffeinated beverages
Late, heavy meals
Smoking and alcohol

Important: warm feet! (With thick socks, stimulate blood circulation or cold-warm footbaths)

Many people complain of sleep disorders. Poor sleep leads to fatigue, lack of concentration and can lead to further consequences, such as overwork or accidents at work or on the road. Especially potential health risks are often not taken seriously: headache, tension, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and a weakened immune system. Who can help? Disciplines such as pulmonology, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, otolaryngology, paediatrics, physiology, psychology, biology and other.

Healthy dose of exercise: How much exercise is useful?

What is the biggest mistake you can make?The range of things that you can do wrong naturally is quite large. Particularly common is a faulty posture. This often results in problems in the musculoskeletal system, such as painful muscle spasms.

At our institution, we always treat recreational athletes who have acquired over the years a wrong technique and now complain of discomfort in the joints, tendons and ligaments – handball or tennis players, athletes, and gymnasts.

What would you advise those athletes?

If the problems are severe, the result may be a longer treatment. First, it is usually necessary to pause for a certain duration, or to switch to a different sports movement. In addition, special exercises to stabilize the joints should be performed. Moreover, such athletes must necessarily work in the conversion of faulty technique.Ideally, however, it does not even come to problems: The proper technique you should teach from the beginning under the expert guidance and let them check again.

In many cases, the overloads created slowly, gradually, and they noticed only when it is too late.If you are a beginner and you exercise too intensely, it can in turn cause problems with joints and ligaments. Especially sports debutant should seek advice, for example by a competent personal trainer or an experienced instructor in a club.How beginners can consider the right level?

It depends mainly on developing a good feeling. Therefore, it is very useful to reflect his training consciously, so you should write regularly about how hard a workout was whether they did good or bad and how one can deal with has felt it. Beginners often are not related to their body and have to gradually learn what it feels like to be “normal”. From this conscious approach to the sport, they benefit then later as advanced.

Is there a limit beyond which the sport is unhealthy?

The healthy limit have to be discussed very carefully.This is usually determinedby thespecificcharacteristics ofthe individual and his physical preparation.

Sports and Health – Exercise keeps you healthy

The promotion of sport can make an important contribution to tackling health problems. In a number of common diseases and ailments like back pain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes II and cardiovascular diseases, the regular physical activity has a significant protective effect.

Sixty percent of all deaths worldwide are directly related to such non-communicable diseases, the leading causes malnutrition and physical inactivity among (World Health Report, WHO 2002). Sports and games are vital to a healthy life, well-being, and contribute significantly to emotional health, inter alia through the establishment of important social ties, but also through the release of endorphins through exercise.

Overweight through lack of exercise and poor diet is now recognized as a major threat in the industrialized nations. Scientific studies show that children and adolescents are overweight and have serious deficits in motor skills, coordination, strength and endurance.

“We welcome, of course, already existing individual initiatives to combat overweight and obesity, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes often but are poor diet and lack of exercise coupled with each other and part of an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Needed is therefore a comprehensive behavior change in individuals and society.

To achieve this is a common procedure in charge of the responsibility areas of nutrition, science, education, sports and health required “, says Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper, President of the International Council of Sport Science, ICSSPE.

Lack of exercise, unbalanced diet and stress contribute to this the health of the people deteriorated steadily. The burden of health insurance is high. The majority of the German population is not physically active enough. Many children lack the necessary space to live out their natural urge to. This leads also to abnormalities in social behaviour. We are all challenged to provide the children with a turbulent environment and exemplify them a healthy movement behaviour.

The first step

Every little step on the way of physical inactivity to activity regularly uses their health. It is never too late to take the first step. Especially for the quality of life and productivity of older people, it is important to integrate physical activity into their daily routines.