Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

I have been thinking about this since the other day when I ran into one of my old friends and after catching up he started to try to convince me to get herbalife products from him. He was doing this on the side and he seems to have just started on it, so he was not able to tell me whether or not it was worth the effort just yet. He was not really trying to tell me how it worked obviously, he was just trying to make a sell. I really wonder if you can make money from affiliate marketing? I think that is the correct term for the sort of arrangement that these places have with their sales representatives. I suppose that the way to get a big sum from it is to be able to position yourself in the upper or middle levels of the distribution scheme. You would have a lot of trouble making money from selling the stuff one or two bottles at a time. Obviously what you would need to do is to get a number of other people under you who were selling the stuff to the ultimate consumers. If each of them made fifty or a hundred sales each month, then you would be making five or ten or twenty times that many sales. That is going to add up to a pretty nice commission, while the same is hardly going to be true of these people who are selling the stuff directly. It is pretty obvious why a lot of people compare these sorts of schemes to pyramid schemes, although I am not sure how any of them work on my own homework. I just wonder if any of them are going to offer a guy like me, the real opportunity to earn money.