Healthy dose of exercise: How much exercise is useful?

What is the biggest mistake you can make?The range of things that you can do wrong naturally is quite large. Particularly common is a faulty posture. This often results in problems in the musculoskeletal system, such as painful muscle spasms.

At our institution, we always treat recreational athletes who have acquired over the years a wrong technique and now complain of discomfort in the joints, tendons and ligaments – handball or tennis players, athletes, and gymnasts.

What would you advise those athletes?

If the problems are severe, the result may be a longer treatment. First, it is usually necessary to pause for a certain duration, or to switch to a different sports movement. In addition, special exercises to stabilize the joints should be performed. Moreover, such athletes must necessarily work in the conversion of faulty technique.Ideally, however, it does not even come to problems: The proper technique you should teach from the beginning under the expert guidance and let them check again.

In many cases, the overloads created slowly, gradually, and they noticed only when it is too late.If you are a beginner and you exercise too intensely, it can in turn cause problems with joints and ligaments. Especially sports debutant should seek advice, for example by a competent personal trainer or an experienced instructor in a club.How beginners can consider the right level?

It depends mainly on developing a good feeling. Therefore, it is very useful to reflect his training consciously, so you should write regularly about how hard a workout was whether they did good or bad and how one can deal with has felt it. Beginners often are not related to their body and have to gradually learn what it feels like to be “normal”. From this conscious approach to the sport, they benefit then later as advanced.

Is there a limit beyond which the sport is unhealthy?

The healthy limit have to be discussed very carefully.This is usually determinedby thespecificcharacteristics ofthe individual and his physical preparation.